I want to go on an Exchange!




  • You will receive registration information by e-mail
  • You will create a profile on the website www.narodnijazykovytest.cz, select the countries you would like to go to, upload a confirmation of the study average and any “extra activities” and pay for the test


  • On the day of the test, follow the instructions of the test organizer at your faculty

  • The test results will be published next week



  • After receiving the results, you will have the opportunity to change the order of the selected internships in the last few days
  • Finally, the overall results will be announced and you will find out if and which internship you received


  • After receiving the Exchange, you must complete pre-departure training
  • Here you will find all the necessary information for the course of your Exchange



  •  It’s time to go on an internship! Keep all the information from pre-departure training, absorb the impressions and information and enjoy your stay!
  • Don’t forget enough photo documentation 🙂

General information

If you do not have an English certificate, you must pass the National Language Test

Students who are interested in NLT and have passed an English exam at the faculty or a certificate FCE, CAE, IELTS (min level B2) – just upload a certificate or screenshot from the stag when registering. All you have to do is submit the confirmed certificate / exam later when registering for the internship.

Without NLT, you cannot continue the internship selection process.

The National Language Test is a B2 / C1 medical English test. The minimum for passing the test is a gain of 60% of points. The test works purely in a pass / fail manner. If you have 100% or 72%, it doesn’t matter and you move on.

The more points you have in total, the better your chances of getting the internship you want.

You can get points in a total of 4 categories, as you can see below. The maximum for each category is 80 points. Points from all categories have the same weight and add up. The total sum of points indicates your ranking in the final ranking.


National Language Test


IFMSA Projects

You receive points in this category as a reward for IFMSA projects, which you can participate in throughout the year

IFMSA Exchanges

For help with the organization of internships and the program for students who, on the contrary, come to us, you will receive points in this category


Points for the study average. If your average is worse than 3.0, you will receive 40 points in this category. If it is 1.0, you get 80 points. If it is somewhere between these values, you get the corresponding points (more below)

Extra activities

“Extra” points. Are you active outside IFMSA and studies elsewhere? In our opinion, you deserve to be rewarded. We distinguish a total of 8 categories, each for 10 points, a total of 80 (for more see Appendix)

Contact information

IFMSA Česká republika, z. s.
Senovážné náměstí 977/24
Praha 1, 110 00