Projects for the Public

With these projects, we try to place great emphasis on informing the public about various health issues and informing them about the possibilities of prevention. In most of our projects, we measure pressure, body fat or make stays in medical facilities and retirement homes more pleasant with fun activities. For the little ones, we coordinate the projects Teddy Bear Hospital for Kindergartens.

Measuring blood sugar during WDD

Measuring blood pressure during WHD

Fun activities within the Úsměv všem project in a retirement home

Examination of a teddy bear within the project Hospital for Teddy Bears

National Projects

World Health Day (WHD)

World Health Day (WHD), which is celebrated annually on the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) on April 7 since 1948, hosts various activities around the world to highlight the importance of prevention and global health.

We offer visitors measurement of pressure, body fat and BMI. They will also learn about the possibilities of quitting smoking, learn the basics of first aid and resuscitation. Nutritional counseling, simple exercises from our physiotherapists and interesting information about healthy walking and proper dental hygiene are usually prepared.

Every year, the main topic of a common health problem is announced, and the main goal is to educate visitors about the severity of the problem and how to prevent it.


World Diabetes Day (WDD)

World Diabetes Day is an international event announced by the World Health Organization. The event is organized annually by medical students from all eight Czech Medical Faculties. The main goal of the World Diabetes Day project is to raise awareness among the general public about diabetes itself, about prevention and care during diabetes through various examinations and interactive counseling. The main effort of the medics involved in the event is to provide interested parties with relevant information about a healthy lifestyle, about influencing factors that are closely related to the development of diabetes.

As part of the program, visitors can have their blood glucose levels, blood pressure, BMI, fat percentage and waist circumference measured free of charge. All obtained values are written in a folding brochure and then each interested party can have the measured values consulted with trained volunteers.

For Life

As part of the project, we try to pass on the basics of lay first aid in an easy, fast and illustrative form. The aim of the project is for the course participants to acquire both theoretical and especially practical knowledge in providing first aid. In this way, we try to increase the overall willingness to provide assistance. We replace possible mistakes of error and ignorance with the latest and simple procedures. We want to
after completing the course, each participant left with the feeling that he knew how to behave and what to do in a situation where he found himself in the role of rescuer.

During the course, we use audio recordings of calls to line 155, resuscitation manikins and various simulations, which bring participants closer to real situations that they may encounter anytime and anywhere – at home and on the street.

Úsměv všem (Smile for Everybody)

During this project, we visit children and adults in the hospital or go to a retirement home, where we try to make their stay more pleasant for patients.

We prepare various art activities for them, play board games with them, shape balloons, rehearse various songs for them or even a simple dance that they dance with us.

Daruj krev (Donate Blood)

Donate blood is a project that aims to raise awareness about the issue of blood donation. In addition to motivation from the medical students themselves, who come to donate regularly, the project aims to raise awareness of the blood donation process among the general public in the form of lectures or participation in events such as World Health Day. Blood has been in short supply for a long time in the Czech Republic, so as medical students we try to help society either directly ourselves or by educating the general public.

Other National Projects (Czech names)

Zdraví v hrsti
Mental Health (mental health nights)
Zapište se někomu do života

Other Local Projects (only on some faculties) (Czech names)

Fakultní pijavice
Chuť žít
Dny zdraví


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